Efficient DIY Cleaning – Car Wash Tips

We all like to see our cars shine and look great, well probably the majority of us 😊 We spent money and resources to get our automobiles clean and polished. Most times we end up in automated car washes and car ash centres which can provide good service at reasonable costs. Some of us choose to adapt to scheduled self-care washes at home. It does require a few arrangements such as some space for an actual car wash and access to a water hose etc, but it can be a great activity to get some fresh air and possibly acquire some new acquaintance in the neighbourhood.  We will try to cover some basic tips to help achieve your target of a perfect weekend car wash.

Standard and Easy Car Wash – But is it?

On a typical sunny weekend afternoon, you will pick up a bucket and sponges and head for some fresh air, some sun and probably car wash as a side benefit. You will then follow sponge and hose application and sequence, probably adding some baby shampoo in the bucket for a nice shine and finish. It all seems too great but cleaning with a sponge can leave fine marks on the car as the sponge can hold some nasty debris and micro stones which can leave some marks on your car damaging the paintwork.

List of Things you need – Car Wash

You need access to some space where the car is parked and the space around the car as well to safely access all sides of the car. A driveway would be ideal but be careful on roadside parking should you wish to choose your car on it. You will also need access to water, buckets only are OK but not really comfortable so access to a pressure water device or Water hose would be great. You will also need two buckets

–  One With Mixture of water and car shampoo and the other with clean water

– car wash mitt

– Microfiber cloths

These are the basic things you would need for the car wash, if you are up for the next level of car wash then there will be some other things required that we could discuss later.

If you can work in a shade that would be great as the soap and the car shampoo mixture water can dry very quickly and leaves very stubborn marks on the car.

Hose the Car before Wash – Car Wash Step 1

As mentioned, before you would need access to a water hose or pressurized water spray. Using either one of them whichever is available, rinse the car thoroughly before applying soap or car shampoo mixture.

Pressurized water spray would be highly recommended for this job but water hose but also to the task. Do not forget to attach a spray attachment to the water house that will make the task a lot easier.

Starting from the sites and the top try to focus on visible dirt or debris that you can see and try to wash it off with the continuous application of water spray. Focus on the wheel Wells and the wheels, on and around the area to wash off any visible dust or debris.

This is step make seem like a redundant or surplus effort but it will pay off the dividends and make life easier later on.

Application of Wash mixture – Car Wash Step 2

Commencing the car wash process we will make use of all the tools. As mentioned earlier, two buckets are required, one filled with fresh water and the other film it car wash shampoo and water reaction. Spread the Carwash mixture on a portion of the car and use them at 2:10 until you are happy with the results and continue the process and the whole car party. Pay special attention to the doors and all the mirrors, wheel wells, and surrounding areas.

You may need more than one application of car wash picture on some hardest days so take your time on there. Use side-to-side motion while applying car wash mixture, if possible, that can be either vertical or horizontal or can be a mixture of both.

If required, you can repeat the process of applying the carwash mixture thoroughly and multiple times but only do it if necessary.

Make sure that every time you apply the car wash mixture on the body that sponge is is cleaned quickly by tipping the yard and the Bucket off freshwater before repeating the process of applying the wash again. This is step will make sure that any dirt or debris collected from the car is washed off the bottom for the application of the wash mixture.

Rinse it Off –  step 3

This step finishes off the basic car wash and until now we shouldn’t have taken more than 30 minutes and this step may take up to 30 minutes.

Once you are satisfied that all the wash mixture has been applied, pick up a water hose or water jet and wash the shampoo mixture off. Repeat the process thoroughly until you are happy.

Now use the microfiber cloths to gently rub and dry the car body.

We recommend using two sets of clothes,

  • Use one set for body
  • Use another for glasses and mirrors

You may use other normal cleaning cloths, but microfiber cloths are good at obtaining a steak free clean. They are excellent and the only viable option to clean glasses and mirrors for the same reason.

Car Interior and Décor –  Step 4

From this step onwards we will be focusing on the interior of the car and carpets etc. you would need a few things

  • Car Interior polish and cleaner
  • More microfiber cloths
  • A vacuum cleaner with the right attachments

Vacuum cleaner attachments are important as you cannot use the normal carpet and home attachments. You would need a smaller footprint and thinner profile attachments and chances are there are some already with a standard home vacuum cleaners. If not, you will need to source them.

Household glass cleaner etc will also work within the car so no need to buy it if you got one already.

Interior and exterior Glass cleaning – Cars Wash step 5

Have you noticed the lack of visibility in high bright conditions or equally in wet glare conditions? Any blemish and/or muck on inside or outside of glasses/screens, which develops over time can create serious safety issues. Clean them off using the standard windows or glass cleaner and wipe using a microfiber cloth. Make sure you pay extra attention to windscreen glass as that has safety-related impactions. Repeat the step for inside and outside of the car but if you are short on time you can just choose to clean the front windshield for thorough cleaning and the rest can be done later.

You will find that attaining streak-free shine is not a straightforward task but stay on it and you will eventually achieve the shine and visibility state where you are happy with it.

Going Extra Mile – Polishing and Waxing -Car Wash Step 6

Wax and polish can protect our automobiles in many ways. They can render cars a shine which will create hype in the neighbourhood as well as protect cars from elements and small projectiles. One of the nasty things that occur while travelling on motorways in certain seasons is the bug paste, layer after layer of dead bugs sticking to the front of the car. If left for some time, they can become solid and actually very hard to remove. Good quality polish while cannot prevent the situation however it can help remove the nasty muck easily and in less time. Moreover, you will have some protection against the chips and projectiles on motorways/freeways. This high-speed debris can leave spots on cars where paint is either chipped or damaged permanently.

We surely believe that having polish or wax is that extra step and time consuming, it’s worth having it for extra protection. You can polish using standard products from online stores and use them using microfiber cloths. These clothes are very useful tools and can be reused after many applications, just rinse them off.

Car Wash near me ? – Car Wash finders and information

we have discussed in detail all you would need to have a luxury car wash at your home however there might be times at which you are not inclined to go through the endeavour of car wash DIY.

It would be very useful to know convenient car wash places around you. We are mentioning some of the resources here.

BP Car Wash – Car wash near me

Esso Car Wash – Car wash near me

GoWash – Car Wash near me


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